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Twisted Logic

I have been following the heart-wrenching story of the callus destruction of babies in utero ever since the first undercover video popped up on Facebook. It is a story of horrors and callus humans poking through the remains of dead human babies looking for the “best specimen” that will bring the most dollars to the company.  There are no words in our human language—any of them—to truly use to describe this incredible disregard of another human being’s life. No words at all.

Then, the thought process starts back peddling, struggling with some very heavy questions that demand answers.  Questions that start with “how did we, as a country, as a whole human race, come to this? Where did we step off the road of right into this miasma of deepening wrongs? I pondered on this for a very long night the other night, with the pictures of tiny legs and arms and eyes being pushed and prodded around a steel dish. The conclusion I came to in the wee hours of the mornings was also heart-wrenching.

You see my fellow women, we let this happen. We, in the sometimes of thinking we were helping, in others of anger and frustration, we watched this unfold.  The only way this will stop, with the grace of God, is if we, all of us, stand up and say “No More!”

How, you say did we do this? Let me give my you my opinion on how we came to this horror.

First of all, we allowed the hijacking of our thinking. We, as that whole group of women in the 60’s and 70’s let ideas like Margaret Sangers’ Eugenics seep into the Feminism we so cherished. We started out just like our grandmothers who chained themselves to railings to get the right to vote. We had such great ideals for us all! Equal pay for equal jobs, paid maternity leaves, the right to wear a pair of slacks to work without being sent home because we didn’t follow a dress code out of the previous century, the right to stand in court and be listened too when a man raped one of us, being accepted on our abilities not the size of our chest. Great ideals, not so outrageous as to turn the world backwards.  Now, we shake our heads in approval of those things. Some we actually achieved. Maternity leave is pretty much a standard in just about every job. Dress codes do not dictate that only dresses may be worn.  Our courts no longer are a place of humiliation and character assassination during a trial for rape or other sexual crimes.

But, what did we give up? What was it that we missed that lead us to baby parts in a steel tray?

We forgot how superbly, perfectly we as a female are. We are the only ones who can nurture a brand new human being in our bodies. We are the only ones who can bond so closely with that little mini-human that we know them before any other human does, even Dad. We, as women, have an instinctual ability to nurture in so very many different ways. Not just in the physical sense, as in pregnancy, but in the emotional, in the intellectual, in the whole person sense.

We have allowed our femininity to be stripped from us. We make excuses when we cry, trying to pooh-pooh it as nothing. We allow men to treat us as object of their formulation to satisfy them—buying into that idea so thoroughly, we let them convince us of this as we ask them to drive us to the abortion clinic so the life we have accepted as the best one for us from their way of thinking just keeps rolling along.

Our limping, lame society keeps feeding that. Take a look at magazines, things like Time and Vogue and pretty much any of them that put forth what the “ideal woman” should look like. Yep, those funky publications that we all scoff and snicker at, then go in the bathroom and take ourselves completely apart because we do not look like the photo-shopped woman on the cover. The so-called biggest stars (who determines that I wonder?) are the ones that have approval from this ideal as being perpetually young.  And how do they achieve that? Surgery, drugs, brutal work outs, diets of water and lemons—come on ladies, would you really do that?????

I think the worst thing we have bought into is that we have to be ‘just like men” in order to be taken seriously. We are pushed to be like men in things like sports, especially business, in school—in pretty much anything we attempt. All the while in the side notes applauding the ultra male who grabs the woman and carries her off to his cave. Don’t believe me? I have just this example “Fifty Shades of Grey”. Just look at all the women that not only spent good money to go see it, but effused at how is was such a great fantasy.

These just might be the same women who sneak, (oh yes they do sneak, head down, not making eye contact, slinking in the door. I have stood on the sidewalk praying for them and watched them go in; have seen them come out later with the shocked, betrayed, weeping uncontrollably face of the truth of what just happened.) into the abortion clinic to sweep from them the result of that real life fantasy.  These women are desperate to believe the lie, for they have seen the flaking of the facade of the fantasy, so they go in the building to put that facade back together.

This is the truth ladies: we are superbly perfect as we are, we are not less than a man because of anything, we are not like a man, we are separate from them. What we are the carriers of the future. That is what the people like Planned Parenthood (funny name for a place that takes parenthood away), the neighborhood so-called Women’s Clinic that is really an abortion mill; that is what is being murdered in them. The future. And we think we have to at best pretend it isn’t there, or at worst, help them.

True feminism celebrates and supports women. It does not reach inside their wombs with a metal tool to extricate their children. True feminism stands up and says to the world: I have intrinsic value as a human being, as a woman.  True feminism is a woman, not a woman trying to be manly.  Our true feminist value is in being a woman, a female, a mother, a wife, a sister. It is being just exactly who we are.

I refuse to be manipulated by anyone or anything that does not have my best in mind. It doesn’t matter what that presents itself as. This society we are stuck in needs to wake up, smell the blood in the tray, see the truth in the body parts in that tray. I entreat all you who have found yourselves in a situation of desperation to take a deep breath, see your innate value and not believe the person who tells you that the only way you can be anything is to murder.  Look at that ultra sound. See what your unique wonderful body is doing. Walk away, no run away from anyone who does not see that too.

Save the Baby Humans!!!!

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