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One World, One Human Family

As I sit in my little house, all tucked up in my little love seat and read all the rhetoric that is flying around on all the social and ever-so-leaning-one-way media right now  I cannot help thinking that the focus is just plain skewered.  Everyone tosses around politically charged words that are sent out with the express purpose of inciting others.  I, in my very small, humble opinion, think we have so digressed from the truth of human interchange that it just plain camouflaged under a pall of smoke and mirrors.

Case in point: The word “racist”.  For that to be a truth, one would have to be against another species.  Think of it this way; a person who just cannot abide dogs is truly a racist person.  Down on dogs, cannot see any purpose for them, cannot be around them, promotes them to to be tied up in the back yard always.  Definitely racists against another species.  It is impossible for a person to be anti-human who is a human. Think on that for a moment. Let that idea soak through the political rhetoric that has bombarded your brain and your Facebook.  If you are homo sapien sapien, then you are pro-human.

Lets continue on with this line of thought.  Pro-human.  What would that look like? A smile for others of your species, that is a great start.  How about supporting, putting your energies and yes, money, towards an improving of the lot of those of your species who are in need.   You value your fellow human being.  You do not have to become bosom buddies with every one of them you run across in your daily living.  But, yes, you need to value them as a part of your web of humanity.

All this incendiary talk is designed to separate us from each other.  And so far it seems to be racing down the mountain at full speed.   So how do we as a species stop its headlong roll?  First, be honest with your self.  If you just don’t care to be around someone ask yourself why.  Is it something on the outside of them, say their manner of dressing, or is it the way they relate to you?  Outsides can be altered, to some extent; dressing differently, maybe an acceptance on your part and theirs of the fact that not one person is the exact carbon copy of anyone else on this Big Blue Marble.  (Yes, even identical twins have some differences.)  Mostly it can be put down to this one clear statement “I just do not understand”.

Now, that is the basis of the beginning of some real dialogue.  Dialogue mind you not tirades.  Not understanding is so very much the opposite of you are wrong therefore are less-than me.  Ask questions, receive answers. Then listen!

We do not listen to one another any more.  If I have a Confederate Battle Flag somewhere around me,  others label me as racists (there is that political word again), for slavery (for the life of me I do not how that conclusion can be drawn from a square of fabric that has been flying in the states that used to be the Confederate States of America; a country, mind you, of its own, even if only for a few short years), with a Less-Than connotation in its very existence.

[Just a quick aside here:  if it is deemed OK for say a Mexican Illegal Alien to fly, flaunt, scream and in general stick the flag of the country they snuck across the border of these United States to get into, in my face, why cannot I have the flag of my choice??? Just wondered. ]

The problem isn’t a square of cloth,  the problem is ‘you do not think the way I deem is proper’ .  Really???  And you are???????

This country we are privileged to live in was founded on the premise that all are created equal.  That has a caveat.  That is this; where does that equality come from? Who decides it? What are the requirements to be an equal?

Our equality is not determined by the current political atmosphere.  Nor is it from any thing that anyone can come up with to measure it. It is , as is said in the Constitution (hmm, remember that document?), we all have inalienable rights, given by the Creator, to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. two things of note there;  given, not earned, by the Creator and the Pursuit of happiness—not the guarantee of happiness nor the handing out of happiness.

It seems to me the real problem we have today is two fold: No one really listens to the other person and there is a general thought that we are ‘owed’  happiness (usually by the government through some convoluted means).

I am just me, not better no worse than anyone else.  You want me to relate to you, talk to me. Don’t shout at me, accuse me falsely, demand I give up what I have worked for, call me names, convince me I am Less-than for your personal gain, treat me wrongly for any reason.  You believe Black Lives Matter, I don’t disagree with that, I believe every life matters. You want me to see you as you are, don’t hide behind timeworn excuses and let me see the real you.  As it says in the Good Book—Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do To You.

Is it OK for me to call you racists because you shout at me that you deserve a handout for being of a different skin color?  Is it OK for me to send activists to your neighborhoods shouting obscenities and smashing and burning? Is it OK for me to use skin color as a determination of value????? NO????? Then why do you believe you can??????????

Lets begin again here.  Since we are all part of the same species, since we are all of the same human race, how about this…..Lets give off the nasty comments, the anger filled responses, the I-want-what-you-have reactions.  I am of a firm belief that it is time for us all to stop taking what a political entity, no matter what that is, a person or an agency, or an agenda, as absolute truth.  If we would all listen, truly listen, to each other these divisive ideas would fall by the way side and just disintegrate.

What matters is what is on the inside of the human being, not what the outside looks like.  You want a better world, work towards that. You want every one to have the best possible chance to pursue their happiness, work toward that.  Learn how superb it is to work hard at something and be able to  stand back  and see what you have done. Be parents to your children so they have the chance for it too.  Do not allow anyone or anything to whisper to you they have a short cut to that, it is usually right into the ditch.

The very best way to relate to each other is with compassion, caring, openness, acceptance and above all real honest love.  We can make a better world.  It starts right at your feet. You don’t want your children to end up behind bars, be there and teach them right from wrong so they have a chance.  You don’t like drug dealers and criminals roaming the streets of your neighborhood, point them out to law enforcement, it is their job to stop them.  You don’t like that you and your children are stuck in grinding poverty, take advantage of all those programs and helps right at your finger tips. Make a difference, right now, today.

And please, always keep in mind this one truth; their is only one race—human. The definition of that is this:  a human from say, South Carolina can find another human from say, Nairobi, have a child that can have their own child. One Race. We are in this together.  Time to toss the evil,  nasty, separationalist rhetoric for shinning, pure truth.  (Remember, the Devil’s best weapon is keeping us from helping each other, keeping us separate).

The people of Charleston, South Carolina gave us a shinning example of how to begin.  Let us all stand with them. Reject the lies and the separation words.

Lets truly be the One Race we are!!!


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Riding in the Handbasket?

I have been thinking, dwelling too long with too much anxiety expended, on all the strange, upsetting things that have been happening lately in our world.  The seemingly crazed people from the Middle East whose barbarism has not been seen since the fall of Constantinople, the upside-down courts, the violence sparked by misinformation, the cruelty visited upon those who have no voice with which to cry out for help, the indifference of the political elite in what seems to be every level of government, these and so much more paraded across the screens of every electronic device we all posses.   Each story is ratcheted up with tweets and comments and links to other more horrifying stories of life on this Earth we are inhabiting right now.

If one steps back a pace, just for a moment, one could almost hear Chicken-Little crying “The sky is falling, The sky is falling” as he runs pell-mell around the barnyard. Remember, he had an awful lot of the inhabitants of the barnyard running right along side of him, crying the same thing.  In the end, in the truth of what was the first story about misinformation, it was all just an assumption fed by a wrong thought.

Our world today does have some pretty pressing and quite huge things to deal with.  Human Beings as a whole cannot sanction the barbaric acts that are being done to our fellow human beings.  We, as a species, have to stand up and say “No, you cannot do that”, no matter what the excuse put forth.

Burning down blocks of your own neighborhood is the same as a two year old laying down on the floor, kicking, screaming, ripping up and breaking everything within their reach because they didn’t get their way.  The only person hurt is the one throwing the tantrum.  Besides making yourself look foolish, now you don’t have any shops in your neighborhood and have to travel farther for a quart of milk.  What does that solve? All on false information, used to rile you up and set you off for someone else’s benefit.

The same can be said for those in the Middle East, and spreading around the globe, who murder people in the most insanely barbaric manner they can think up.  Fear does not make people follow, fear makes people pull into themselves.  The world’s peoples, all of us, need to stand up and say to these people who have decided that being as evil as they possibly can is a way of life, “Nope, not on our planet”.   The time has come to call the destructive forces on their roll through this Big Blue Marble.

Here is one more thing for us all to remember. Something that, when you look at history, all of it not just the cherry-picked vignettes so popular now to sway the unthinking to whosoever’s  side,  this is not new. None of this is new. It has a different label on it,  a different color to it maybe, but the whole of idea of one section of mankind being somehow higher that the other is as old as dirt.  Look back, look all the way back to Ur. Hammoradi’s Laws written on the stella said the same thing that the ISIS leaders are saying with their pugnacious insistence that they have their perfect rule for us all.  It is written in our DNA that we want someone else to be underneath us on the ladder of value of human beings. It makes us feel good to see another anyone one rung down.  it fuels a whole lot of stuff in this existence.  The ruthless business person, the snarky politician, those who lie for the fun of getting away with it, the cheaters, the murders, the scammers, the inciters, the molesters—all do those things to perceive themselves as being a rung up on some other human being.

What it doesn’t do is help us.  Pitting one section of mankind against another section by an arbitrary label does no good to anyone. Especially the labelers.  It will create a temporary sort of what looks like advancement, but in the end, someone else will come along, reshuffle labels, come up with new ones, and whoosh the ladder becomes greased and more that one section collapses.

Right now it looks like that proverbial ladder is being greased again.  Someone, or more probably lots of someones, is going to end up in a heap at the bottom. And those who are clinging to rungs above will be grateful they are not them and firmly believe they are at least one step better than them. Until the next greasing.

Think on this: if it didn’t work all that long for those you are bent on bringing down—how long do you think it will work for you when your tactics are the same?

Here is another little tidbit of information that you might want to let soak into your oh-so-sure-you-are-in-the-right brain.  God has seen this before. He is not startled by anything the human brain can dream up. He does not have to regroup to take on whatever human beings latest escapades present him with. The stories in the Bible are not just made-up, tidy little historical notes. These were real people, just like you and me, struggling with living in the world with each other.

God’s got this too.

Our job, our task as human beings is to do our best to keep this in mind when the headlines, the Facebook posts, the media blurbs try to suck us into the fear being peddled out for us to pick up.  Evil has been trying to convince us that we are in this alone, that evil is stronger, that horror is the rule of the day. It is a LIE. Purported by the Father of Lies.

Hold on to God tight as you can. The ride will be bumpy, but the ending is the best you can get!!


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To Speak or Not to Speak

In this Topsy-turvy world of ours today, especially in these United States, it seems that rudeness is the prevailing manner with which we deal with each other. Not just in our homes with our families, but with the rest of the human population in general. It seems we have completely forgotten what it means to respect each other.

Case in point: two young girls, somewhere around 14 or 15,  I should think, attending a church. Seems innocuous at first. What better place, a place full of true hope and acceptance and all the things our human heart longs for. Hmm, not so with these two. It do believe the purpose of one of the girls was to make some sort of in-your-face political statement as she was sporting a circlet of rainbow-colored flowers in her hair.

That, with its highly charges political ramifications since the Supreme Court’s ruling just a small amount of time past, was quite blatant. But lets escalate this a bit. These two are in a Catholic Church, during Sunday Mass. For pretty much most if not all of the people in attendance, this is a time to be attentive and set ones mind and soul on things of God.

Not so these two. They did hip bumps to the Gloria, squeezed each others thighs (yep, two rows from the front mind you), giggled, checked cell phones for something more interesting and generally acted out their lack of a sense of the Holy Mass.

The worst part, the most sad part, was the parents of these two were in the pew with them. There was no remonstrances, no sushings, not even a lowering look sent their way. These two went skidadling out before the Priest left the altar, skipping out to get in the Coffee and Donuts line first.

This is what our country has come to. Absolutely no regard for the other person. The “I” is supreme, the “what I want” is the only impetus for anything.

The Supreme Court uses its Judicial power to cosh any sort of dissent. Our President acts like a petty dictator, with all the ego of one such, getting involved in things that are not his problem, while ignoring the job he was ‘hired” for. Our Congress spends all its efforts seeing which lobbyist, which fellow Senator or Representative is going to help them maintain their personal status quo. Our police are derailed and threatened to point of losing their jobs when doing the job they were hired for, right up to and including being shot dead for doing that job. Parents are arrested for being parents, for raising their own children with a sense of right and wrong, as their parents raised them.

No wonder these two juveniles saw nothing wrong with their behavior during Mass. Nothing in their world, no one person in their lives, stands up to their rude, insensitive and down right disrespectful behavior and calls it what it is: bad behavior by children. Having an opinion different from the group you are standing in does not give you license to be rude and disrespectful.

I know that no one in these two girls’ lives will see this. In some ways I suppose I should have spoken out right then when the whole things started. I kept waiting for the parents to parent. I didn’t speak because I did not wish to disrupt Mass anymore than what they were already doing. So, I suppose they took the fact no one challenged them as assent. (Or worse, as agreement!)

And that, assent by silence, is the crux of the matter. When I am at Mass, worshiping my Lord and listening for His Word to me; is it my task to stop such blatantly bad behavior? I still don’t know. I do know that if I see those two again I will sit as far away from them as I can; or maybe I will go to the other Catholic Church here where so far this behavior is not tolerated. Not tolerated by parents first.

It took me all day to let go of my anger, my hurt, my righteous angst at these two children’s bad behavior. I cannot sit back and dismiss someone disrespecting my God. It matters not if they are two immature teenagers, a Congressman or the President. Not while I have breath in my lungs.

That is what I signed on for when I became a Christian. No going back, no letting it slide because I might offend someone. You offend my God, you offend me.

Speaking out is what He calls me to do.

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