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What sort of Bug is that??

The other day I reposted a comic strip I get over Facebook about a Humming Bug and the comments of another character about such a bug. It was lighthearted, a bit silly and totally smile producing. It seems it did that to all of my friends who read it. It was a nano-second transport for them, just like it was me.

Those silly, simple, mostly innocent things like the Humming Bug cartoon allow us to step away from the harshness of the world of adulthood back into the simplicity of finding joy and laughter in almost everything. We are transported at warp speed away from the ugly, hurting, horrors and disappointments of our current world situation into that burgeoning world we knew as children.

The comic was simple; one of the characters comes across a bug, he looks down at it and says “Bah”, the bug replies “Hummmm”, the first character says “Bug!”. It is a grade school sort of comic. Or is it?? It is only we jaded and battered adults who can truly get the humor in that little strip. How many of us have said, whether only in our own minds or even out loud sometimes “Bah! HumBug!!” over the commercialization of Christmas? My guess is all of us.

I think that is why so many in the world search for and love the idea of what Christmas was when a child. And maybe not the religious aspects so much, for too many just don’t get the whole God come to earth that it is. So, the secular Santa Claus takes up the place. This rolly polly bearded man, dressed in a bright red suit, who magically slides down a chimney (even bringing one of his own in those more tropical isles in the world) and leaves a child’s wish under a tree. It doesn’t matter that Santa is patterned after a third century Bishop, St Nicholas, who took from his own personal funds to bankroll dowry’s for poor girls who had nothing and so no prospects.

It’s the idea of wishing, asking for and actually getting what was asked for. Writing letters to Santa with lists of things that for some go on and on. How he can get around the whole globe, on one night, with only eight tiny reindeer, no GPS, no radar and still never miss even one child in the remotest part of our Big Blue Marble?!? definantly a magical feat!

And yet our biggest soul-wish is for us to be with our God, Christ-Mass, the coming of our Savior, the one who loves us so ultimately, who is the fulfillment, the actuality of mankind’s most deepest wish of all time—to be able to walk with God again in the cool of the evening and just be in his presence. It is what ST Augustine said so many, many years ago ” my soul is restless until it rests in you, Oh Lord”.

May this Advent of waiting for the Christ child bring you joy, peace and most of all rest in Him.

Come, Oh Come!! Emmanuel!!!!!

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Leaving Behind

My Aunt died last week. My father’s sister. Another one of the elders is gone home. Another space left open for the next to step into. Another change we just do not ever want to happen. Another voice we will long to hear. Another set of memories and stories silenced in this realm.

As I sat a listened to people speak of Aunt Ginny, how she was to them, how she was a faithful believer in Our Lord; it got me to thinking of my own moving on and what people might be saying about me. It isn’t quite as self-centered as it looks on the page. People told about Aunt Ginny’s generous spirit mostly, how she expressed that to all who she knew. And the thread which was the most brilliant was her being true to the person she was, the one God put here for us all to know.

She was I and my brothers “fun” aunt, with her husband Clete, they were our relief from a life where our parents were in constant opposition. When they came down from Ohio to visit us they brought with them such an aura of joy and fun. We would go to places that we only went with them, the evenings were spent listening to stories about my Dad when he was growing up and the Marines that he and Uncle Clete were both in. It was eye-openning and so very facinating to a little girl who only knew him as her Daddy. I remember one time I actually chased their car down the driveway trying to get them to either stay or take me with them!

As I thought of these and so many more memories, I pondered what sort of legacy I might leave when I cross over. This is what I pray I will leave:

It isn’t what “stuff” we accumulate to leave behind. What the true gift, the true legacey is the feelings we stir when our name is mentioned. Not what we accquired but what we gave. Not what pieces of paper lined our den or office walls with the world’s idea of accomplishments but the smiles we leave on the walls of others’ hearts when we are remembered.

The true human connection is from the heart.

May I live my life so when I am called home that when I am recalled by those still journeying here the smiles come before the words.

I want to: Give because another is in need of what I can give
Love because it wells up inside and spills over
Laugh because it bubbles up and out

The legacy I would leave is of an open heart.

Aunt Ginny is now making her famous ice cream for God himself. My, my what a heavenly treat!!!

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