What the world needs now………

On this day of frenzied shopping, equally frenzied riots and such total chaos that is running rampant in our world, I propose this question: Where is it written, which law on the books of anywhere in these United States says anything even remotly so, that if one is unhappy with anything in their scope of the world it is permissable to destroy another persons property, livihood or life???

Now, before y’all get up in arms and threaten to march over that statement (because it is not to your liking? or maybe it comes to close to your actions?), I do not in any way say that you cannot protest, disagree, or take extreme umbrage to some anything. What I am saying is no one has the right, no matter how wronged you see yourself, to destroy. Destruction just takes away. What is needed right now, this minute is a building up, not a tearing down.

In the days of the Bolshevik revolution in Russia in the early years of last century, mob rule took over. The “mob” took their Czar, Czarina and their children prisoner. The mob destroyed business, houses, farms—pretty much anything that got in their way. The mob was directed by the communists and socialists who were looking for a means to create chaos in order to put their own brand of power and governance into practice The end result was over fifty years of communist supression, sanctioned murder of dissidents, which included the Czar and his family—without a trial they murdered them, even the children—and the complee subjecation of not only Russia but all of their lands conquered by their armies. It was an existance of heavy, terrifyingly swift retributuion of imagined opposition to the government and absolute abscence of any personal freedom. The State chose for you what you would work at for the whole of your life. Period. No discussion.

I am not saying that life for the majority of the people in that country at that time was wonderful, it was not. Any more that life in places like Ferguson is picture postcard perfect. Of course not. No place is perfect. Every place, every government, every group of people have the flip side of good. It is in the nature of the fallen man. We chose the wrong thing, over and over again we stray from the good.

But, lets face it, raging, looting, burning, assaulting police, attacking your neighbors all the while crying “you are all racists” is just not going to do anything but give you more grief. If anyone is being racists, it is the rioters shouting their heads off about it while they advocate the wholesale murder of those not like them. Because you see, that is the true racists. Someone who hates you because you are not like them. It has not one wit to do with the color of your skin. It has to do with not being the same.

The truth is that word, racist, is a politically motivated incedury device guaranteed to set off the anger fuse. The bottom line truth is, we have one race of human beings. I cannot say that one sentence enough. One race. Human. We all bleed red blood, we all grieve from our broken hearts when one of our family dies. We and them are not different. It is those from outside who want to use the pain, the hurt, the grief for their own ends.

In just a couple of days we will be entering into the season of Advent. A time to turn our focus upward, a time of joyful anticipation. When we look up, when we chose the good, when we see each other as the truth of what we are—human beings who need each other. Then, when the Babe is placed in the Creche in your place of worship your hearts will open and love with come dwell there.

And, right now, in this hurting, grieving, lost world what we need most is love,

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