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Paw Prints on the Snow


ImageDaBoys put their mark on their little corner of the world.

I am looking out on my front yard that is so covered with snow that the sidewalk, driveway and even the street all flow together into one. The falling snow is covering all the imperfections and scars on the earth with a Snuggly of white. If you listen closely, you just might hear that rose bushs out front snoring ever so gently.

All of the sad, broken, misused and crumbling parts of the world are covered with white. It seems that white even connects neighbors here, no street lines to separate us, no delineations to keep us on one side or the other.

There are some who industriously go out with the snow blower, or the really industrious with a snow shovel, and attempt to remove or just move some of the snow. I am not sure why, when it is still falling. Mother Nature must be rolling on the ground laughing at man’s puny attempts to “fix” her snowfall. It almost seems like a futile attempt to me, not to mention a waste of gasoline and effort!

DaBoys went out this morning, for their morning patrol of the back yard. A bit grumpy because Momma said they had to wear coats. Pepper was almost going to just stand in the sun room and wait for Mom to give in a take the blasted thing off, but his bladder got the best of him. Yuri, on the other hand, tried to shake off the coat, which didn’t budge it one millimeter, shrugged and went out to make sure the Squirrel Squad had not invaded in the middle of the night. They put their own personal mark on their part of the world. Paw prints flowing from the deck to the back yard and back. (DaBoys paw prints first left their mark across my heart. The ones in the snow are replicas.)

I guess that is what the Snow Removal Core is doing outside in the front. Putting their mark on their corner of the world. It is what has driven mankind for his whole existence on the earth. Making a mark to show “I was here”; sort of like a collective “Kilroy was here”. A point of making a stand, of shouting into the darkness, of leaving our own footprints on the earth somewhere.

This winter scape outside is oddly beautiful to me today. The snow is pristine still. The world is quiet in its white winter garment. DaBoys are snoozing and snoring in union with the roses out the front window. It has a cloak of peace about it. A time for writing and reflecting on the ways of God as he puts the outside world to sleep for a while. A time to slow down, to quiet the inner chatter of myself.

I find that I have passed a huge slice of today just watching the snow fall. Just watching. That’s all. Not thinking, not analyzing, not categorizing, not moving, not planning, not worrying—just watching.

Maybe that is what I came here for, to find the ability to just look, really look and drink in the sight of what I see. To notice the small things, to notice how they fit into the big things, to absorb the continuity of all things together. To find the knowing that all things have the place only they fit. To come to the revelation that not every place is a permanent place—some are just stops on the way to home—to learn a lesson only that place can tell.

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A Midnight in December

OK gang, now that Black Friday is finally over and everyone survived without too many bruises and the Muzak is spouting Christmas songs ad nauseum; there is a new Christmas song that should be broadcast to all your friends. You can find it on YouTube. This little ditty sings about walking past stores that do not say Merry Christmas. Walking out of stores with sales personnel who don’t wish you a Merry Christmas. Being polite, saying “glad to meet you” but not spending your money in their establishment.

I know that some out there will have to point out to me that the pagans had a Winter Solstice celebration before the Christians made it Jesus’ Birthday. And you are right. He was born in the spring when the lambs are being born—hmmm appropriate—eh? But the song is right; without Jesus the whole thing would be one night of bonfires and drunkenness and orgies and puny man shouting at the sun in a desperate attempt to call it to turn back to Earth, instead of what we have today. Might be the selling crowd is trying to return it to that, sure looks like a turning away from Love One Another to Every One for Themselves. Those ancient rites were an excuse to let loose and do anything you felt like. (Hmm, sounds like the modern Halloween doesn’t it—Yep that was pagan too.) The thinking of man being the supreme, at the top of the food chain, in control of the planets and the sun sort of being is what leads to this total disregard for the others on the journey right next to you. It is beginning to look more and more like that in this morbidly ill society we are struggling through today.

But how about this. How about we take back our Christian celebration days. How about we don’t give our custom to establishments that ignore the reason for their excuse for blasting us with infantile ads designed to get us to reach for our wallets and plunk our plastic or folding money down for their not so great goods. How about we let them know if they want a real Black Friday that goes all the way to January  and beyond there needs to be respect and reverence for the One who gave us this very first and totally perfect Christmas Present.

The truth is we are on this journey together. And like the rock star said, no one gets out of this alive. Regardless of what your personal beliefs are as to what happens when we leave this earth, we do not make this trip alone. So if we come together we can turn the materialistic, crass, overblown and costly manner in which we are being led to the family coming together, sharing with each other, giving love (not stuff), holding hands with strangers in our favorite worship place into our Christmas celebration. For without the generous and loving gifts God gives us none of us would be able to survive even one nano-second on this planet.

This Christmas, in my house and in my heart, is a space for quiet to truly hear God speak to me, is a heart striving to be generous in the currency of love and a celebration of that very first Gift by the best Gift-giver of all. When we reach midnight on Christmas Eve, when it is all done, when it is wrapped and baked and ribboned and mailed; in that infinite silence of that Holy Night we are blessed with the miracle of God-with-us, Emmanuel.

May your Christmas be dusted with love like a brand new snow fall.

Merry Christmas!


 I like my celebration better!!!

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