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Auntie Anne’s Puppy Day Care Center

Today is the opening day for Auntie Anne’s Puppy Day Care Center and Sleepover Spa. Our very first guests are Daisy Dog and Mr. Gibbs. They have come to our establishment to hang out with the residents, Pepper Jack and Yuri Ivanovich. There Mom’s and Dad’s are on a mini-vacation to take a river cruise in Cincinnati and will be back home by tomorrow.

The first few minutes after Aunt Angie/Mom left were a little bit touchy. Ms. Daisy was just not too awfully sure that her Mom driving off was right. But, then she went outside, rolled in the greatest grass for back scratching, had a bite to eat and took a nice nap. It just might be OK for a visit.

Mr. Gibbs, being the sweet young man that he is, was a little bit worried about being in the house. You see at home he is not allowed on the carpet. It took just a small amount of adjustment for him to realize that this was Puppy Day Care, not home and here it was allowed. Well, it seems encouraged as all the rest of the dogs were sprawled willy-nilly everywhere. He decided he did prefer the cool tile in the dining room, though it was quite the pleasurable thought to think he could go in the living room if the mood took him.

Pepper Jack is doing his best to be a great host. It is really hard for him to share his Momma, but it seems that is what is the best for everyone. He remembers what it is like to be sleeping over at another dogs house and does his very best to let his dog-buddies know that his Casa is their Casa. Although, he does need to be the closest dog to Momma every once in a while. After all, she is his Momma!

Yuri Ivanovich is very happy to have friends over. He and Daisy patrol the backyard perimeter to make sure there are no breaches in the wall. The two of them are a perfect team to keep the yard free of mowing-men and pesky squirrels. Not one blade of grass shall be compromised. Certainly not that great Back-Scratching patch. Why that is the best in all of Allen County!

There is an atmosphere of calm and slightly snoring puppies in the house right now. Yuri is by the front door, Pepper under Mom’s desk while she types, Daisy by her chair on the other side and Gibbs snoozing in the kitchen. Everyone of them are completely relaxed, very comfortable and quite serene. It is a success this Puppy Day Care Center!

Tonight is probably going to be a bit more difficult. Things always seem to look and feel harder when it is dark. We have put Daisy’s bed in the bedroom so she will feel more at home. (She sniffed it and approved of the placement.) Gibbs will be able to pick any place that feels just right for him. Pepper has his place on the end of Mom’s bed on his green towel staked out already. Yuri volunteered to be the Rover, checking on his guests to be sure they are comfortable.

The sun is shinning, there is a slight soft breeze—there is a late summer somnolence to the air today. All of the boys and our Princess have been outside to bask a bit in the warmth of the sun. There is a peace in here right now. With a touch of fur, just for that added softness that feels like snuggling.

Welcome to Auntie Anne’s Puppy Day Care and Sleepover Spa. May your visit be a pleasure filled with the very best of puppy dreams.

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Biblia Readers

The thought came to me today as I was reading over Old Turtle, a superb book about us being in this word with all of God’s creation; I wonder what DaBoys would read if they had books? Interesting query that, of course the item itself would have to be designed so a creature with no thumbs could turn the pages so as to read.

I put the question to my own two dogs. At first they were sort of stunned into silence. Then, as they digested the query the reply came.

Pepper the Schnoodle said he is a very deep thinker, more philosophically minded than most Canine readers. He prefers his tomes to be of a higher minded sort of read. He tells me he reads just a few paragraphs or a page or two, puts the book aside in order to totally digest what he has perused. Sometimes it could take him a whole year to complete one of his chosen books. The last one he read, a book on Immanuel Kant, took him almost three years. (He told me he stashed it away when I was home, didn’t want to discuss it until he was finished. And that he tucked it into his Traveling Bag on our trip across country. Right next to the pee pads. He didn’t know where Yuri put his book, he doesn’t quite approved of Yuri’s selection of works.)He found the whole book almost too deep even for his refined thinking. His conclusion was that Immanuel Kant must have thought quite highly of himself as he went on and on about something that really could have been said in just a few choice words. When I explained that in Kant’s time, people of philosophy were paid by the word, he nodded and said “that makes it so much more clear”.

Now Yuri, my adventurous Lhasa Apso, totally loves the more swashbuckling books. He so loves to read about a hero charging in and saving everyone with his prowess and aplomb. His last book was The Scarlett Pimpernell. He said it took him about a month to read, mainly because it was on our road trip and he was so excited about the new smells and people he was meeting he just couldn’t concentrate for more than a second or two. He put it next to Pepper’s book and finished it when we got to Ohio.

Since we were discussion Canine reading I asked the two of them if they knew of any other dogs who read and what they read. They were a bit reluctant at first to reveal any more, they are very loyal to their Canine buddies. But, decided they would as they wanted their people to know how their Dog-Buddies read what their people love the most. I asked them if their reading choices were a reflection of me—they just stared back at me with a very sarcastic bent to their fur.

Mr. Gibbs, the chocolate Lab doesn’t read a whole lot, but when he does he tends more towards newspapers and magazines. He seems to be a quick reader, getting to the point and moving on to the next.

Daisy Dog is a romance reader. Oh! How she loves a great love story! Especially the ones where the leading lady is strong and smart and quite capable, thank you very much. When she meets the leading man, Daisy says she always knows who it will be before the lady does, it makes her sigh and dream for days.

Our Cousin Emi is a fan of her Mom’s writing. She will read over and over again the stories her Lady Mom writes. They talk about how she grew up, what happened in her life before Emi got there and all the Canine friends she had. She even likes the stories of the Feline friends, as Emi has had some of her own. She told DaBoys she knew her Lady Mom would be ok after her Big Sick when she started writing again.

Abby, the Cocka-Poo, on the other hand likes to read music. She says she can hear the music as she reads the pages. She also says that she loves it because her Daddy-Man does too. She didn’t know how much until she came to live with him and Emi’s Lady-Mom. She told DaBoys she was very, very glad to be living with Emi and Lady-Mom and Daddy-Man. She will defend them against any thing—even evil snakes!!

Buddy can’t read anymore, he just can’t see the letters. But when he did he read manuals. DaBoys said they were a bit taken aback at that, it was not a choice they thought a dog would read at all. Buddy told them he liked the way the words made the thing they were talking about come into being. When he would lay on the floor with the manual in front of him, he could see the pieces of the object come together right in front of his eyes! Buddy said he still sees the words and the mind-picture of the thing they made in his memory. It makes him smile sometimes.

Pepper and Yuri said none of their friends think cats read at all. One more reason to not like them, they said. Pepper also said it would explain their habit of hissing at totally nothing. If you don’t read, how would you know how things are? Yuri said he thought it was because in ancient Egypt they were worshiped and it went straight to their heads. They still think they should be worshiped. Which Yuri says is totally silly, I mean what do they do for their people? OK, a mouse here or there, maybe a spider or two,(this made Pepper make a gaggingly ugly face–spiders are musty tasting and he hates them), but they can’t bark and growl at a bad person and make them leave!

On this blue-skied, gloriously beautiful September day here in Ohio, what could be a better way to spend the afternoon but discussion Canine tastes in books with my very best buddies!?!

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Living Which Life?

I unwittingly logged into email this morning and had a life changing experience. It certainly did wake up my somnolent self as I eased gently into this Monday morning. it was another one of those profound Sabbath Moment posting by Terry Hershey. As I read of his own struggles and doubts and wonderings I was startled into seeing how I was getting so off tract in my own struggles and doubts and wonderings.

His post today was about being in a book store somewhere around his Vashon Island home is Washington state and coming across a book that blazed with “Are you Living the Right Life?”. That question burned into my heart like a California wildfire through dry manzanita bushes. I too began to see the inference in that phrase was I was living a wrong life and that was why I was having such a struggle in so many different places in my life at this moment.

As I sat in my sun room with the tinkling fountain and snoozing dogs flanking me, my Bible on my wicker table beside me and my journal open on my lap the question kept hovering in front of me sort of like a billboard or annoying ad that just turns up everywhere you look. Terry said he started his day just like always: a pot of coffee, journaling time, walking through his garden and seeing the glorious beauty laying there in front of him.

As I read the description of his garden after a rain it came to me just as it did him—I am living This Life. There is no right or wrong to This Life, it is My Life, it is The Life I am given to live.

There are lots and lots of things I would, if it was granted, do a much better way, if the do-over was granted. God just doesn’t work that way.. Probably, no surely, because is so very much more wise that I could ever be. He knows the constant looking back has my vision in the wrong direction. I slam into walls that would my vision be forward I would walk through the door right beside it. I fall into ditches and holes I would cross the bridge over straight ahead looking would show me.

In Psalm 139 the psalmist proclaims that God “Created every part of me; you put me together in my mother’s womb: when my bones were being formed, carefully put together in my mother’s womb, when I was growing there in secret, you knew I was there—you saw me before I was born. The days allotted to me had all been recorded in your book, before any of them ever began.” As I read those words again this morning my vision became clearer. It could be, yes it must be, this life I am living is right.

I hold my memories, my experiences, my life’s lessons as true treasures, pulling them out when I need to lay them over today to see how far I have come in this life I have been given. Not a backward looking, it more of a comparison looking.

I watch my dogs, two creatures that mostly have a live-in-the-moment sort of life. The have memories most assuredly. Sometimes even us dense humans can see their memories playing across their lives. Pepper not stepping on the brown cover of the power cord to the power strip because of his memory of being a puppy and the electrified brown strip in his very first home that kept him confined to the kitchen. Yuri and Pepper joyously greeting Gibbs the Lap and Daisy Dog. Neither dog getting out of the car parked in the garage as they wait for the Road Trip to start again. Memories in their hearts and their minds.

For the most part these two buddies of mine live their lives as they come to them. Today they patrol the back yard for Pesky Squirrels. A few months ago they climbed into the back seat of a strange car and road with me and Cousin Jan across this great country. Accepting what the day would bring them each day. Each morning a brand new, wide open day for them.

May I live My Life as much more, so much as it comes to me not to change it into what an outsider wants it to be but as God gives it to me.

One Day at a Time.

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