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Bliss Station

The question asked today in Sabbath Moment was from Joseph Campbell. It asks me “where is your bliss station?” I don’t really know who Joseph Campbell is, nor do I really comprehend some of the rest of what is on the page from him. I do know Terry Hershey, I do know he has a plethora of deeply provoking words and ideas that stream forth from Sabbath Moment. Today is another one of those gushing, tumbling streams of deeply moving thoughts brought forth from this small, simple question.

Bliss. A nice, sort of fairy-tale kind of word. Bliss. Maybe it is a soft sort of thought, maybe it is a view that touches souls, or maybe it is the soul touching the view. There is a songstress whose name is Bliss, she sings of peace, love and freedom. She sings of how those three things touch our souls so deep the soul must pull towards them.

Bliss. What is my bliss station? Softly quiet, gentle sound of splashing water, green vistas for sure. But more than that I think. It is watching the squirrels reconnoiter the bird feeder in my back yard, discussing with shoves and chatters the hierarchy that should be associated with it. It is watching my Pepper carefully pick his way across the same back yard through the too tall grass in the cool of the early morning. He walks so gently on the earth as he strolls the yard. It is blue skies after days and days of thundering rain. It is vivid pink roses joyously opening up to the kiss of sunshine on their soft petals. It is Yuri’s sweet face as he looks up at me with such love and trust in his eyes.

Bliss stations. For me it is the connection, the open circuit to life right outside of my reach. It is the knowing that reaching out to it will bring the reaching out to me of that life. It is the discovery of the person I truly am, the one that has been waiting for the quiet, soothing, opening of the soul’s window.

Bliss is the open window…

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Sunday Whispers

It’s Sunday here, a time of family, of attending church, of Sunday dinners of the old fashioned variety where everyone comes to Gramma’s kitchen for nourishment—not just for food. It is a day of real rest, also in the old fashioned way. A day when just being at home, reading or even just sitting is not looked upon as a disease to be treated but as a need to be fulfilled.

After having dinner with my cousin and her children and their children, me and DaBoys came home for some of that soothing real quiet time that is such a ritual and a right worth every ounce of defending here in Ohio. It’s a bit warm today, so we are hanging out in the house where the A/C is on; Pepper on the cool tile by the front door, Yuri in his favorite spot on the bathroom floor where the vent comes up, soaking up the cool air blowing across his body. It is really quiet, the only sound is the tinkling of Four Frogs Fountain out in the sun room. A quiet that pervades the soul, lets the soul release all that pent up stress in a deeply cleansing sigh of relief.

While sitting and absorbing the silence, I was looking for a book to read on my Kindle. I came across the one I have called “Waiting with God” and pulled it up. What struck me first was the Bible passage. Revelation chapter three verse eight. “I know all the things you do, and I have opened a door for you that no one can close. You have little strength, yet you obeyed my word and did not deny me”. Words from the 1st Century written by St John over two thousand years ago. Those words leaped off the page and sunk right into the very center of my soul.

I came here to Ohio because God led me here. He took care of each and every little and big obstacle that bombarded my moving across country. He even drove the car when the Jeep hit the deer. He steered it gently to the side of the road and brought us the White Knight in the disguise of the Illinois State Trooper. As each problem presented itself, as each obstacle loomed large in front of me; I always prayed. Sometimes not too nicely as I asked him what in the world was that for! But I did always turn to him, for deep down in that center part of my soul, I just knew that he was in charge, he was making sure of every tiny part of this. All I needed to do was just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

So this passage was my confirmation of that foot by foot direction I have been taking since last Thanksgiving. He says to me “I have opened a door for you that no one can close.” In the words of Suzanne Anderson in the book; “when we follow God’s guidance for our lives, we can rest assured that He will be right there by our side, no matter how long the journey takes us”.

Sometimes I do not have a clue as to where this is going next. Sometimes the vision is much more in focus. I can rest in the truth that God does know, he sees the end of this, he sees the way and he already has a solution for each obstacle.

Without this Sunday time of rest and reflection I just might have missed that. I just might has sailed right past those words from St. John and never heard the whisper of encouragement God blew my way today.

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The Big Rescue

I saved a lightning bug last night. It was after me and DaBoys had our evening walk. I started to open the front storm door (well, to me it looks like a screen with plastic panels and screening, but its official name is storm door) when I noticed a tiny light right next to the wall on the left side. I could see the little guy was stuck in a spider’s web, soon to be dinner. He flashed and flashed and flashed in his distress to wriggle free. I have a personal affinity with these tiny lighted creatures, I just had to do something!

So, the rescue effort began. I reached down, plucked him from the web, pulled some of it off of him and set him on the bush away from the ravenous spider. He blinked at me in thanks a couple of times and sat on the branch collecting himself. The spider, on the other hand, was sitting where the lightning bug had just been with an indignant cast to her eight-legged body language. I was sure she was glaring at me from her compound eyes and saying things that were not printable. After all I stole her dinner!!!

It seemed to me that my front lawn was covered with dancing, celebrating lights. I sat here at my desk looking out on the lawn as a country of lightning bugs had a party of the sort the Prodigal Son’s Dad had; after all, the little guy was all but gone.

That spider is still miffed at me, when I open my door she comes out to stare me down. I feel sorry for her, she is just doing what spiders do, making sure the next generation of spiders of her kind are here next year to try and catch lightning bugs. I don’t think she is as polite and nice as Charlotte was. She just needs to see that I will rescue the little lighted ones always.

One of the joys of living in Ohio for me is the lightning bugs. They dance and prance over the lawns when DaBoys and I go for our evening stroll. Some lawns have more than others, but they are everywhere.

We even have locust. Yep, the Biblical plague always comes to mind when I hear their raucous scrapping noise. It sound raspy, builds to a crescendo, then falls off abruptly. They seem to be in the trees. I asked Cousin Randy about them. He said they come out every summer. So, the sight of summer is the tiny lights of the lightning bugs and the sound is the rasp of the locust.

As I traverse this change in my life I find things to marvel at, to enjoy, to startle me and to surprise me. Locust, lightning bugs, miffed spiders, silly squirrels, happy sparrows and the gray and white cat across the street who taunts DaBoys. Rescue efforts to perform and walks to take, family to enjoy and new things to learn.

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